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HeartFit System Program


Pre-test Likelihood - Includes factors such as your gender, age, cholesterol, blood pressure, body composition and smoking history to determine your Risk Factor Analysis score.

Heart Variance Index Score - Determined by measuring the cellular health of your heart using a passive, non-invasive technology called Variance Cardiography.

Probability of CAD - Combines the risk factor analysis and the HV Index together to decide your probability of having coronary artery disease.

Exercise is a critical component for improving heart health1. A customized exercise program will be developed for you based on parameters such as your overall goals, current level of fitness and time constraints.

A specific diet such as the DASH Diet Action Plan that is recommended by the American Heart Association has been proven to improve heart health2. Your heart healthy diet should meet your nutritional needs as well as your personal tastes.

Stress Management
Studies show that stress can have a major impact on your heart health3,4.
A stress management program should allow you to find relaxation without interfering with your daily schedule.


The HeartFit System is integrated into programs offered by




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