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HeartFit System is seeking health-fitness professionals who want to add heart disease prevention as a program offered to existing and prospective clients.

There are an estimated 100 million Americans who are candidates for our programs. Some of the market trends in the United States include:

    An aging U.S. population
    Increasing health care costs
    Perception of lower quality "sick care"
    More active "Baby Boomers"
    Reduction in corporate benefit programs
    Epidemic of obesity
    Shift towards prevention & health-fitness promotion
    Americans are becoming more technology-oriented

The resources and tools we provide Health-Fitness Professionals include:

    HeartFit System Screening Technology and Prevention Programs
    Initial and continuing training and education
    Marketing and promotion systems
    Business management systems

For more information contact:

Phone: 651-238-8636
Fax 651-483-0825